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Rob Mulligan (Colour Works, Dublin/IE) 2-9 May (2011)

Steve Bauer (Skullpell Artwork, Leipzig/De) 9-16 May (2011)

Mauro Nucci (On The Road, Peruggia/IT) 16-30 May (2011)

Francisco “Pancho” Salas (Señor Feliz Tattoo, Santiago/Chl) 01-13 June (2011)

Vicente Ibañez (On The Road, Santiago/Chl) 13-20 June (2011)

Andrew Mcnally (Northside Tattooz, Newcastle/Uk) 20-28 June (2011)

Vincent Meyer (Tattoos by Vincent, Marathon/USA) 28 June-31 July (2011)

Ferank Manseed (Northside Tattooz, NewCastle/Uk) 19-30 July (2011)

Javi Castaño (Barcelona Electric, Barcelona/Es) 26-30 July (2011)

Alberto Balboa (Old School Tattoo, Zaragoza/Spa) 1-8 August (2011)

Diego Brandi  (Subskin Tattoo, Roma/IT) postponed (new dates coming soon)

Carolina Angel (Barcelona Electric, Barcelona/Spa) August (2011)

Isaiah Cummings “Z” (The Studio, Sligo/IE) 5th-19th September

Ryan Alfred James “Jessiman” (Fox Body Art, Melbourne/AU) 12th-17th September

Daniel Queipo (Poison Tattoo, Barcelona /Es) 19th-25th

Rob Mulligan (Colors Works, Dublin/Ie) 2nd-10th October

Robert Foltyn (Divine Canvas, Londres/UK) 17th-31st October

Job de Quay (Salon Serpent Parlour, Amsterdam/NL) 19-25 Marzo (2012)

Rob Mulligan (Colour Works, Dublin/IE) 9-16 Abril (2012)

Vincent Meyer (Tattoos by Vincent, Marathon/USA) 23-30 April (2012)

David Bejar Core (BEHARDCORE Tattoo, Motril/Esp) 14th-20th of May 2012

Nico Lavoratori (Subskin Tattoo, Roma/IT) 22nd-26th de May (2012)

Rod Medina (King Cross Tattoo Parlour, Londres/UK) 31st de May-07th of June (2012)

Stephen Speirs (Speirs Tattoo, Glasgow/SCO) 16-19 June (2012)

“El Carlo” (Aloha Tattoos, Barcelona/Spa) 23rd-25th of July (2012)

Larissa Domin (On the Road, Berlin/GE) 31st  July -  7th  August (2012)

“El Javi” (Aloha Tattoos, Barcelona/Spa) 15th-20th of October (2012)

Ryan Alfred James Jessiman (on the Road) 28th October -2nd November

Tai iglesias (Aloha Tattoos, Barcelona. Flame Tattoo,Ibiza/Spa) 8th-12th  January

Rob Mulligan (Colours work,Dublin/IE) 14th-22nd January

Dani Queipo (Poison Tattoo, Barcelona/Spa) 28jan-2nd Feb

Ulrich Hueber /AT (High on Ink Limerick/IE) 4th-12th February

 Isaiah Cummings/USA (Fat Cat, Sligo/IE) 14th-23rd March

“El Javi” (Aloha Tattoos, Barcelona/Spa) 15th-20th May (2013)

 Hector Fernandez/ESP (La Joven Carmen, Castellon/ESP) 10-17 Jun

Isaiah Cummings/USA (Fat Cat Tattoo, Sligo/IE) 17th-24th June

♦ “El Carlo”/SPA (Aloha Tattoos, Barcelona/SPA) 30th-31st Jul

♦ Marco Manopola Andreini/IT (On the Road) 12th 23rd Aug


Job Pdc De Quay/NL (Salon Serpent Tattoo Parlour, Amsterdam/NL) 26th Aug-2nd Sep

♦Lina Stigsson/SWE (Admiraal Tattoo Studio, Amsterdam/NL) 26th Aug-2nd Sep

♦ Ryan Alfred James Jessiman/UK (Shangri-La Tattoo Parlour, London/UK ” 2nd-7th Sep


♦ Martín Moltó/Spa (La Barbuda, Castellon/SPA) 9th-12th Sep