About Us

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Carnivale Finest Electric Tattooing is a tattoo studio born with the intention of maintaining and sharing our love and respect for the World of Tattooing, its history and tradition.

Carnivale is synonymous with circus and circus is synonymous with tattooing.

It was back in 1804 when Circus and tattooing began their love story, a story that has often been neglected and without which tattooing would have not reached the level of popularity that enjoys today.

Carnivale Finest Electric Tattooing walls pay tribute to that romance and  to the people that roamed America and Europe for centuries, stunning all who admired their marked bodies under a canvas tent, while listening to stories from distant lands. Each show also traveled with an artist who tattooed the most daring ones, and that’s how this art form was gaining adepts in all social strata.

Our philosophy is inspired in this context although there are no longer canvas tents. Carnivale Finest Electric Tattooing aims to be a circus in wich some of the best artists in the world pass by, telling their stories and marking everyone who love the wonderful world of Tattooing like we do.